Huawei Mobile Services Are More Secure Than Ever


The world is evolving, and cellular devices have become part of our lives. Unfortunately, the security of such devices is increasingly becoming a concern, and just like home security is essential, mobile device security is also up there.

That’s why Huawei Mobile Services (HMS) has designed measures to protect the sensitive information that is stored or transferred by its devices. The tech giant has incorporated its device, chip, and cloud capabilities to ensure that there’s enough mobile device security.

Moreover, it has included the easy to use, smart, and secure HMS apps, hms SDK and HMS connect, which is available to the developers with the corresponding IDE tools used for both developing and testing.

Huawei ID

With Huawei ID, it helps to ensure that the account is secure by offering identity authentication measures as well as technical measures that are based on the device’s hardware and software advantages.

Furthermore, the security operations team analyses the new cyber-attacks regularly as well as reviewing the current security policies to curb the security threats that could affect Huawei IDs.

Chip-based Hardware

The company’s chip-based hardware, as well as operating system security, is capable of defending the software attacks and prevent the attackers from getting into the system without authorization and obtain user data.

Its enhanced chip security is its foundation for security capabilities, hence sensitive personal information of the user is protected.


It doesn’t matter where the user data is stored, be it in the cloud, or even transmitted across the network; HMS helps to safeguard that information. Therefore, attackers cannot get access to user data. The user data protection is the key security objective.

HMS has encryption capabilities and uses data protection technologies when the service process, as well as data exchange.

Service Security

Also, HMS offers Huawei’s assistant, Huawei Mobile Cloud, Huawei video, Huawei AppGallery, Huawei themes, Huawei wallet, and several others. They all provide a high-quality experience like travel, payment, and entertainment. Interestingly, all the services are protected via means like authorization, authentication, signature, backup, and encryption.

Network Security

Huawei has data and service protected, but also data protection on the networks is equally critical. It uses protection methods like the use of secure encrypted channels in transmitting data, isolation via network partitions, border attack defense, and detection of unauthorized access.

HMS Core

The significance of the HMS core is that it offers open as well as on-cloud services and capabilities like payment, account, map, and push services. They all help the apps acquire ore users, achieve business success, and improve general user activity.

App Security and App Gallery

Any mobile app that’s to be launched in its AppGallery is subject to strict testing and review to identify as well as remove those that may tamper with a user’s privacy or even steal their information.

Privacy control

All the personal information such as contacts, emails, photos, call records, and chat information on HMS is strongly protected. Besides, the information processing complies with the local laws and regulations, while the user’s privacy is considered.

Moreover, HMS is certified by relevant authorities, meaning that everything ensures security is Huawei’s priority.

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