Here’s How to Avoid Getting Futcoins Illegally


So here’s the truth. The Fifa Ultimate Team is so much more fun when you have coins to boost your chances. I mean, you can get all the nicest things you want with the help of fut coins.

However, fut coins are finite and will definitely need a refuel. This is where the precious question lands. “How do I buy those fut coins?”. How to buy futcoins is a popular question and one that definitely has an answer. However, there’s another serious one, perhaps even more serious. When is buying futcoins illegal?

So if you will like to know the answer, stick around.

When Is Buying Futcoins Illegal?

Several situations make buying any futcoins illegal. Let’s look at each of them closely.

Buying From A Third Party

So here’s a quick way to face a ban or some form of punishment. EA sports keeps a list of all retailers that are allowed to sell futcoins. Also, the main website can be a source of getting futcoins.

Going outside of this list can get you into major trouble. The truth is that you face two major problems. One is the repercussions from EA sports. The second is the uncertainty of the seller. You might end up losing all your money and getting no futcoins at all.

Using the Transfer Market Unfairly

The transfer market has been set up for players to get a fair value for the players being sold. However, in a quest to get more futcoins, some users try to transfer these coins or players at a lower price. This is against the rules of the game and can get your suspended.

If you want to the legal side of things, then this is one area you should not delve into.

Avoid Giveaways

This isn’t exactly buying futcoins. However, it is as close as it gets. For most people, giveaways can be a great way to add some futcoins to your name. However, this is not allowed by EA sports. How can a giveaway occur?

This happens when a player, company, or someone else offers to give you coins for completing a task that is outside the game world. Most times, this task will involve subscribing to a service. It is strictly forbidden and can easily land you into hot water.

Can I Even Buy Futcoins?

Yes, you can through the main website. The game owners have also provided a list of trusted retailers that you can get futcoins from. All you have to do is to visit their website and make a purchase. It’s safe, reliable, and definitely is not illegal.

Bottom Line

So here’s what we are saying. Try to avoid buying from third parties and using the transfer market unfairly. While giveaways are also fun and can seem like a quick way to get futcoins, try to avoid them too. Getting into too much trouble is a good way to lose everything you have built.

Instead, buy futcoins the right way and enjoy a memorable experience playing the game.

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