IPTV vs Cable TV – Comparisons and Differences


Recently, we’ve seen people bear their misconceptions about IPTV and cable TV. When you first think of it, you’d find that they are more or less similar to each other. But with deep thoughts and comparisons, you will observe that these two methods of consuming video indeed aren’t so similar like we have always thought. Before you go ahead to purchase that TV system and probably pay for an annual subscription let’s take a look at the comparisons between cable TV and IPTV.

Comparisons between IPTV and cable TV

What is IPTV and Cable TV?

IPTV simply stands for Internet Protocol Television. This is a means through which television programs are delivered through the help of the internet. It allows you to stream your favorite TV shows usually with no interruptions.

On the other hand, cable TV can be said to be the total opposite. Video contents are delivered through the help of an antenna or satellite dish. In this case, users aren’t allowed to make their choice of TV shows. They only get to watch whatever the antenna decides to show them.

Set up

When it comes to set up, we can find that IPTV is easier. You only need to download and install the software, turn on your internet connection, and watch your video content. There’s usually no need for technicians or extra additions. In cable TV, you will need a technician to help you install the satellite. Also, a cable box is needed and will be provided by your cable provider.


When using a cable, you will need to carry out a lot of TV functions such as switching of channels, increasing volumes, etc, using a remote control. If you’re a new user, you won’t find it difficult to get started with cable TV. For IPTV, anyone who’s already aware of how to control. a modern TV will have a hang of it.

Picture Quality

In IPTV, the provider offers you a MPEG-4 standard. During streaming, this allows you to be happy with the image quality of your videos. It helps you to see your videos from a much clearer angle. In other words, it’s great and doesn’t offer boring-like video quality also, it tends to have your videos distributed across channels. For cable TV, the reverse is the case.

Accessing of channels

If you prefer to see your favorite channels lined up, you may need to go for IPTV. That’s because it brings everything you love to watch to your doorstep. In cable TV, you also get to see your channels lined up. The only difference is that you will need to switch through tons of channels that you don’t like.


For a more affordable option, IPTV is your best bet. Most times nuts still cheaper even with a range of extra additions. It’s cheaper than cable TV in all ramifications and the fact that you only get to be seeing channels you love makes it even better.


From all that we’ve seen, one can easily say that IPTV is a better TV option. A lot of people are gradually starting to ditch traditional cables for it. This guide shows the basic things you need to understand about them and will help you make a better choice whenever you wish to make a purchase.

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