Discover how to monetize your YouTube in 2021


Did you know that you can monetize youtube channel and earn some cash from home? YouTube’s monetizing policies frequently change, so it is essential to stay updated with the current monetization policy. To monetize YouTube, you should read through their terms of service, community guidelines, and copyright material. This article discusses how you can work towards making some cash from your YouTube channel.

On Youtube, you can choose how to monetize your channel. As a Youtube Partner program, you will be able to earn money through the following:

  • Ads
  • YouTube premium
  • Merch
  • Channel membership
  • Super chat and super stickers

1. Youtube partner program requirements

This is commonly referred to as YPP. You will need to settle all the requirements before you get approved for the YPP. The first requirement is you must have at least 1000 subscribers to your channel. It does not matter how long it takes to achieve this, as long as you get there, so do not be in a rush.

Your channel also needs to have over 4000 hours of Watch Time from the last 12 months. Watch time refers to the number of minutes people from around the world have spent watching your videos. Do not try and watch your videos over and over because it does not work like that. This also has to be over the last twelve months.

If you delete any video from Youtube, you will lose the Watch Time from that video, so abstain from deleting content. To view your progress, click on the Youtube logo on the top right corner and proceed to YouTube Studio Beta, where you will find all the necessary analytical information.

2. Follow Youtube Monetization rules to the letter

YouTube has had a hard time balancing advertisers, viewers, and content creators. When you are first joining Youtube, you will be taken through a review process to ensure your channel is appropriate. If you create content that you suspect is inappropriate, chances are it is, and you should not post it on Youtube.

3. Read through the Youtube copyright Monetization Policies

Copyrighted material is material that is owned by other creators. Youtube has a strict policy to protect the rights of content owners. If you use people’s work without their permission, you risk getting your content pulled down, demonetizing, or getting pulled from the YPP.

You can avoid this by adding value to any third party content you use. Your work should also feature some originality or educational value to monetize. The bottom line is, avoid using content that is not originally yours.

4. Create an AdSense account

If you are going to earn money from youtube, you will need a way to get paid, Google AdSense. In the beginning, you will get paid through your Google AdSense account. The great thing is that you can connect multiple Youtube channels to one AdSense account.


You can make money from home with just your phone and the internet, thanks to Youtube. Let’s go through the requirements one more time; you will need at least 1000 followers, 4000 watch time hours, comply with the rules, and have an AdSense account. If you follow these rules, you can monetize Youtube in no time.

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